Sunday, January 14, 2007

Adventures in Brackendale

Brackendale Eagles Provincial Park was full of eagles today. Approximately 1,700 of them I was told. But even more spectacular, was the number of photographers trying to shoot them (with the camera of course). In particular, there was a swarm of zoom lenses following every breath of three bald eagles on the river shoreline. Zoom lenses that made my piddly lens seem, well, just plain inadequate. Zoom lenses longer than my arm and wider than my head. I looked at theirs, I looked at mine, I looked at theirs, I looked at mine. Somewhere from deep down inside me came this rumbling, animalistic desire to go out and purchase a big-ass truck with over sized tires and after-market parts...

Needless to say, I didn't get any pictures of the eagles. I did however, manage to get a great picture of a huge camouflage zoom lens in action.

I also discovered the Brackendale Art Gallery, which is an eclectic art gallery / theatre / teahouse / interpretation centre / home / artists studio / artists-in-residence space / workshop / you name it. Next time you are heading to Squamish / Whistler it is worth the stop to check out the sculptures / paintings / eagle photographs / tea / jazz band / movie night / photography slide presentation / art show.

This was on the door of the workshop. I kinda like it.

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Daddy L said...

Men go through this train of thought every time they go to the gym. You have lens envy! :-D