Sunday, February 4, 2007


Do you believe in omens? I had never heard of the Sami people until about a month ago. Since then, I have encountered something to do with the Sami three or four times. Something tells me I should learn more about them.

I was playing a game this morning. I closed my eyes, held a dictionary in my hand, and waited until I felt energy guiding me to a certain page, and a certain sentence. My finger landed on Chandrasekhar. He was an Indian-born US astronomer who suggested the process whereby some stars eventually collapse to form a dense white dwarf while others collapse further to form neutron stars. He shared the Nobel prize for physics in 1983.

My older son is currently doing a science project on white dwarfs. In fact, he just presented his final PowerPoint to me two days ago. I have encountered more about white dwarfs in the last week than I have in my entire life, and today, out of the thousands of words in the dictionary, I pick one associated with white dwarfs. Coincidence?

I believe there are significant connections being made all around us, every day. Our job is to determine which ones have meaning. I am still waiting to find out if the Sami occurrences have meaning. As for Chandrasekhar, I will pass him along to my son, and see if he can use the omen.

What omens have you come across in your life?

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