Monday, February 19, 2007

Home Grown

Whenever my mom travels, she brings home t-shirts. I have one from Hawaii, Mexico, Paris, Australia, and Palm Springs, to name a few.

She just got back from Hawaii.

My husband got a t-shirt of a surfboard.
My youngest son got a t-shirt of a surfboard.
I got a t-shirt of Hawaiian flowers.

Here is the t-shirt mom brought back for my soon to be thirteen-year-old. She didn't know what kind of "Hawaiian plant" this was. Honest.


Marla said...

that is so funny..

andy said...

i'm thinking that p and t could just trade? hahahahahahahaha.

did you tell your mom?

susan said...

Of course I told my mom... She laughed. And yes, T definitely grabbed the shirt for himself.

Kathy said...

i cried from laughing so hard...perfect lead in to the image!
nice shirt for T ;)