Wednesday, February 7, 2007

What's On Your Fridge?

Every once in a while, I edit the visual poetry of my fridge-front. Deconstruct the randomly-fed collage. Banish broken magnets, dispel dated photos, evict postcards from Prague or Vienna or San Francisco, and recycle stained coasters from the Cedar Cottage Pub. Usually, it all just gets added to the pile on my desk - like teenage love letters, hard to let go.

Here is the story of my fridge now:

  • A photo of our Mongolian friend Lkhagvadorj and his family
  • Scooby Doo and Shaggy magnets
  • Two butterfly magnets that our youngest son made at daycare
  • Our youngest son's assignment from his first day of Kindergarten: "I am a: BOY. My favourite colour is: BLACK. My favourite sport is: RACE"
  • Proud supporter sticker from WWF
  • Garbage pick-up schedule for the City of Vancouver (currently we are on Wednesdays)
  • A picture of my husband in his cold-water dive gear, which is held on by two dive magnets - one from ANDI and one from SNS
  • Spiderman magnet
  • Map of where in the world MSF/Doctors Without Borders is currently serving
  • Grace, Jack, Emily, Megan, Ryan, Savannah, Ross, Isabelle
  • A hypsilophodon magnet
  • A male magnet: "It's so involved being me" superimposed on a picture of a Mr. Rogers lookalike
  • A female magnet: "A career...a family to care for... gee! I've got it all!" superimposed on a picture of a June Cleaver lookalike
  • Poetry magnet: of blue guitars
  • Mark Longpre - Real Estate Agent Extraordinaire and proud new father
  • Purple P, red 1, orange Q, blue Z, orange K, purple A, red G, green C, blue W, red ETC
  • One tiny red bubble magnet with a yellow "Star-Belly Sneetches" star in the centre

What's your story on your fridge?


Andrea said...

hmmmm. by memory:

3 mirrored swallow magnets of varying sizes

an 'a' magnet with some misc receipts of mine, and a 'j' magnet with stuff of his

a magnetic pad of paper with shopping list stuff

vet magnet

rick chiarelli for office magnet

surfer sticker from sf

a bunch of baby announcements and pictures of frinds kids

an old 66balmy propaganda sticker

a page from the newspaper highlighting a friends house in the homes section (similar style to ours, but much, much bigger and already renovated)

Marla said...

a calendar
picture of my Mom and Dad
Magnet that says Wine is proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy

Disneyland magnet
basket/organizer with coupons that I always clip but never use

Leanne said...

Photos of other people's gorgeous children, cut out of 'society pages' of the North Shore local paper, wherein I appear...of course! Recipe to try: Cambazola scalloped potatoes...yummy!