Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Proud Mummybagz

So, my older son, aka Munnybagz, has achieved fame with his blog, FunnyMunny.

Last weekend, he was written up in the Vancouver Sun for his blog, which features his "whiz kid" financial advise. Today, he was interviewed on a local radio station, CFUN, who called him the "youngest financial advisor ever!". Next week, two TV interviews. Wow.

He was also featured on another well-known blogger website John Chow Dot Com.
Here is Munnybagz:

1 comment:

andy said...


I LOVE it. So great - Congrats to your financial wizard - may he find ways to make bags of munny so mummy can retire early.

Plus, you HAVE to get royalties for helping with the press release!