Friday, February 23, 2007

It's a Small Confession After All

It's true.

I like Disneyland and I'm going there soon...for the 5th time. Really, it's all about the Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan, and the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, which I have been told has sadly been renamed as Tarzan's Treehouse. Oh, and Splash Down Mountain and Utopia, which, also sadly, is now sponsored by Chevron.

Despite everything evil and unknown about Disneyland, I feel giddy being there....even in the lineups. I love long picnics and playing tag on Tom Sawyer's Island. I like walking into the shop in Main Street where my mom once bought a fancy white hat with a tropical green bird perched on the brim. I remember the brown leather vest, WITH fringes, my dad bought me in Frontierland. The Jungle Cruise, as corny as it is, is nostalgic.

There. I said it. Wanna come?

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Marla said...

I am so there with you Susan! I love the magic of Disneyland, and how it truly makes you feel like a kid. Bringing Grace, and seeing her reaction to everything was priceless. For me, being on Main Street wactching the parade with Sleeping Beauty's castle in the back is the best. My husband likes meeting all of the Princess' - in particular, Belle.