Thursday, February 15, 2007

Toys Gone By

I love old-fashioned toys. There is something so sweet about sitting in your claw-foot tub winding up a lime-green and dandelion-yellow frog and lettin' 'er rip around as you move up and down to create mini-waves. We have a sneaky shark and dorky whale as well. Remember the speedboats? Ours have crashed. Sadly.

How about lying on a rug in front of a real wood fireplace building lego homes, tinkertoy men, or a Lite Brite clown face. Spinning tops on sunny days. I still like to play with blocks. Monkeys in a Bucket. Snakes and Ladders. Plastercine. Silly Putty. I bought a Raggedy Ann for a friend for Christmas. But the best toy I saw recently was a bucket of logs to make a small real log home. I just googled "log toy cabin" and found the company that makes them is Lincoln Logs. If anyone feels like buying me a present, just for fun, I want a log cabin. On the water. In Halfmoon Bay, BC.

Speaking of retro toys, this is my new favourite website. Days Gone By. Full of good old stuff. Just for fun.

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